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Appeals / Ban Appeal Format
« on: June 30, 2016, 07:03:08 pm »
Title: [Character's Name - Ban Appeal]


Why were you banned?:

Who banned you?:

What can/will you do different the next time?:

Name Change Request / Name Change Request Format
« on: June 20, 2016, 07:36:35 pm »
Title: [Current Name] | [Requested Name]

Reason for changing:

The Graveyard / Graveyard Format
« on: May 26, 2016, 11:03:52 pm »
This format is to ensure the information on the incident is passed on properly. These post are to be made with clear indication of what they're representing. If you are NOT part of the report, do not comment on it. Make sure that the post of the incident was not already created for the person you're attempting to post about. Multiple post for the same person does not necessarily mean they'll be CK'ed. Speak to a GM to learn more.

[Title:] __Player__ Wounded ||Or|| __Player__ CK (Request)
(The title does NOT need to be in white. I've put it like that to make it what needs to be in the post clear)

[Time & Date:]

[Players Involved:]

[Has a GM accepted a wounded report for them within 5 days?:]

[Is the reported person aware of this post?:]

[Required screenshots or video of the incident:]

Player Reports / Player Report Format
« on: May 26, 2016, 10:46:28 pm »
In order to successfully file a report, you must follow and recreate this exact format. This will ensure that all information was properly taken note of and will help us properly judge the issue.

[Title] __Your Name__ vs. __Their Name__

[Time & date:]

[Players Involved:]

[Screenshots and/or Videos:]

[What happened?]

Life Is Feudal: Your Own [RP] / BasilMod - Pack
« on: May 15, 2016, 03:30:10 am »
This is a mod that will add extra content to Life Is Feudal.

How To Install:

1. Download the mod from; (
2. Drag and drop the .zip file into the game root folder in; "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own" or "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own"
3. Open the game, and join the server. While loading in, you should get a message that pops up, answer 'yes'. After a quick automatic game restart, it'll reopen, rejoin the server and you're done.

Actual forum post:

Known Issues Installing:

Sometimes, after hitting 'yes' the game runs in a loop of closing the game, reopening, and repeat. Just delete the '' and the 'BasilMod folder'', then reopen the game. It should start up without issue.

Mabinogi Alexina Server / Information on Middle-Manning.
« on: June 01, 2015, 07:27:47 am »
This document is to explain how the staff team at “Mabinogi - Alexina server” handles middleman transactions and what to expect. I will be going over a lot of key information that is essential to understanding the process such as;

Who is verified to host these transactions
How they are verified
Availability of hosts
How you should contact them
How hosts are trained to handle situations
How the process works (Different Transaction Types)
What we recommend
Other concerns / questions

After reading this document we hope you are more informed and will be able to conduct trades with maximum safety ensured.

Verified Hosts

Any staff member associated with our group will be a verified and capable of hosting middleman transactions. The only exception to this will be inactivity. To quickly determine if someone is available to host, you can check our groups description for the “(Inactive)” title next to their name.

Justin Ward (IGN: Intafiir)
Linked Alexina (IGN: Linked)
Elijah O Ward (IGN: Saixn, Sapphear)
Akiyama Aisakaa (IGN: Aisakaa)
Elfy Alexina (IGN: Nikki101, Elfanilla)

How are they “verified”?

When our group ‘hires’ staff members, we have a very invading application that request an excessive amount of information. This being stuff such as requesting a list and screenshot of all alts, screenshots of the login screen showing all the characters/ pets on the account, Total Levels, etc. If selected they have a trial period and are tested to ensure absolute efficiency and legitimacy.

When are these host available?

Host availability is dependant on each person and their responsibilities outside of facebook/mabinogi. Please understand that this is a American hosted version of mabinogi and that the staff team is American. This meaning during the nighttime hours you are less likely to receive responses or may be asked to move the trade to a time that is more suitable for them to appear. You are free to continue your trade without the use of a middleman but at your own risk.

Sometimes to help out staff members are permitted to ask friends to fill in for them. Generally these friends will be on a good community standard and close to the staff member. However, this does not mean that they have been verified or trained properly. You are free to decline this option.

How to contact a staff member to host

We request when contacting a staff member to be patient while waiting for a response. Understand that they may be unavailable due to real-life responsibilities or in an active game. After all, we are players that are not paid and volunteer to dedicate time into this. Due to how facebook works, sometimes directly messaging us will not grab our attention. (However this is still recommended.)

Please message the staff members 15-30 minutes BEFORE the trade.
Tag us in the post where the trade was initiated. (Reply to the comment and tag)
Directly message a staff member
Message us / Note us in-game.
Message on discord.
Message on Steam.

Please understand that if a staff member has not listed their steam/discord names, they may be uncomfortable with being contacted in such manner.

How hosts are trained to handle situations

Once a staff member has been verified we begin the training process. This means we explain the process, bring them on a few to show them how it’s done, then ask them to host one while we are available to make sure it is done correctly. The host will show up to the homestead and record their perspective of the transaction.

If something were to go wrong during these transactions, the host temporarily hold the items being traded and waits for both parties to submit their evidence. During this time, we ask you be patient and work with us to ensure the correct steps are being taken. If you are in the right, meaning you’re legitimate and the opposing party is attempting to scam, that will be revealed eventually and you will receive the correct payout. This will be covered in more detail later.

Once the transactions are finished, the staff member is instructed to upload the video clips to a private youtube channel where the video will be unlisted. This is so we can easily store evidence and the names of the people involved are not revealed to protect the player against Nexon backlash.

How does the process work?

Ideally, you will browse our group or another for a trade you’d like to make that requires some sort of trust-trading. This means it will involve some sort of IRL / Third-party payment for an in-game item of some sort. (Nexon Cards, Karma Coin, Itunes gift cards, Steam gift cards, paypal, etc.) Once you’ve found the deal you’re looking to make and have established the transaction with the opposing party, you will then inform them you want to request a middleman. Please remember that though it is a safer method of training, they may exercise their right to decline using a middleman for the transaction. If this is the case, we recommend canceling the trade and searching for a new one. If both parties agree to a middleman, you will contact one of the listed verified staff members to conduct this trade. If that staff member is not available, they will ask for another staff member to take their place in our private administrative chat. After, the staff member that agrees to host will contact both parties for information. It is requested a facebook group chat be made with the involved parties.


If the transaction deals with paypal,  once in game and met, both parties will be asked to say their paypal emails on the record. This is done to bind a paypal account to a ingame character name for scammer list evidence in the future if needed.

I will write an example of a paypal transaction for Gold;

Parties Involved: Seller, Buyer, Host

>Host will start recording.
>Host will ask both parties to record their end of the transaction.

Host: “Please state your paypal emails.”

Buyer: “[email protected]___.__”
Seller: “[email protected]___.__”

Host: “What items are being traded?”
Seller: “28 Million Gold for $40 USD”
Host: “Buyer Confirm?”
Buyer: “Correct”

Host: “Seller please trade me the money, buyer standby.”

>Seller trades the host, places the money into the window, and accepts.
>Host accepts the trade.

Host: “I have received 28 Million Gold. Buyer please go ahead and send your payment.”
Host: “Buyer, please confirm when the payment is sent.”
Host: “Seller, please confirm when the payment is received.”

>Buyer will then send the payment to the seller.

Buyer: “Sent.”
Seller: “Confirmed, received payment of $40 USD.”

>Host will trade the buyer and place the checks into the trade window, then confirm one last time that the seller has received payment.”

Host: “Seller Confirm once more?”
Seller: “I have received the payment of $40 USD.”

>Host accepts trade.

Host: “I have given 28 Million gold to (Buyer).”

It is then asked that each party keep their recording of the transaction by either uploading it to their youtube channel with the video posted as ‘unlisted’, or at least holds onto the video for the duration of (1) week. This is in case something were to go wrong that there is evidence against the person who was in the wrong.

Drop Traded Items

This is referring to items that may be unable to be traded, but able to be dropped then picked up. Such as shopbags.

>Buyer, Seller, and Host will come to the Host’s homestead.

Host: “All parties please begin recording.”
Host: “Seller, please state the transaction deal being made.”
Seller: “1 (Undtradable) for  5 million gold.”
(Note: If the untradable is being sold for another currency, such as Paypal, nx, kk, etc, you will be required to drop the item for the host to pick up, separated across the homestead from the buyer. If for paypal, both parties are required to state their paypal emails as stated previously.)

Host: “Buyer Confirm?”
Buyer: “Confirmed”

>Gold is given to the host

Host: “I have received the 5 million gold from (Buyer)”

>Seller will drop the untradable and allow the buyer to pick it up.

Host: “Buyer, confirm you’ve received the untradable?”
Buyer: “Confirmed, I’ve received the untradable.”

>Host gives Seller the gold.

One-Time trade unlocks

This situation becomes a bit rough to work around as we don’t see many solutions. Until a better idea is presented, we would just go about it based off of the paypal trade. However, The Buyer will send their payment + Extra to the Host via paypal. The Buyer is required to cover all fees for the double transfer. For example. If the payment is $25 USD and paypal requires $2.50 per family & friends money sending, you are required to send $27.50 USD. Paypal will request you to pay $2.50 for sending the money to the Host, and the Host will use the extra $2.50 to send over to Seller.

Note: It is required to send the payment as family & friends and enough to cover the second transaction fee from the host to the Seller.

What do we recommend?

*Do not make deals you are uncomfortable with.
*If the opposing party feels sketchy at any time, pull out of the trade.
*Consult the Host on their thoughts if you’re unsure about the individual.
*Record your entire screen, and not just mabi in-game.

Other Concerns / Questions?

*Reporting a staff member. (Contact Justin)
*Reporting a player. (Contact Staff)
*If your trade doesn’t apply to above methods / types, contact a staff member and ask.
*Any other questions, contact staff.

Guilds Of Arondale / *Change Log*
« on: February 13, 2015, 06:55:47 am »
Updates with dates will be posted here.

*13th of Feb, 2015*
*Swapped trade plugins.
*Server posted on planet minecraft.

*12th of Feb, 2015*
*Raised Cap of McMMO
*Added /home and other /tp delays.
*Added an Anti-cheat
*Fixed Votifier description.
*Added shops
*Set Game Difficulty to NORMAL
*Added Silk Spawner plugin for Elite Donators.
*RPchat updated
*Added /rules

Guilds Of Arondale / Donation Page!
« on: February 10, 2015, 12:43:54 pm »
McMMO Rank perks removed. (Not Supported :c)


*"VIP" Rank name.
*8 Creeper Eggs
*2 Set homes.
*18 Slot Backpack
*5k Cash


*"VIP+" Rank name.
*16 Creeper Eggs
*3 Set homes.
*27 Slot Backpack
*10k Cash


*"VIP++" Rank name.
*16 Creeper Eggs
*4 Set homes.
*36 Slot Backpack
*15k Cash


*"Uber" Rank name.
*16 Creeper Eggs
*5 Set homes.
*45 Slot Backpack
*20k Cash


*"Elite" Rank name.
*16 Creeper Eggs
*A 'Great Axe' (Comes with Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, and Unbreaking III)
*6 Set homes.
*54 Slot Backpack
*Access to Mob Spawner Pickaxe. (You can pick up, move, and place mob spawners with a silk touch pickaxe.)
*30k Cash

Guilds Of Arondale / Rules Of Arondale!
« on: February 10, 2015, 05:05:36 am »
These rules MUST be followed. Failing to follow these rules will result in a ban. These rules are to help ensure a fun and fair gaming experience. If there are any rules that you feel are unfair, please contact me (Juggy) on the forums via PM.

(/Rules in game.)Rules;

*. Do NOT use any sort of 'hack' to give yourself or your Guild (Faction) an unfair advantage. (Such as Xray.)
*. Do NOT advertise other servers, websites, facebook pages, youtube channels, live streams or anything of the sort.
*. Do NOT spam chat.
*. Do NOT be racist nor sexist to other players.
*. Do NOT bully other players.
*. No Hogging, Destroying or Basing in the end.
*. No Hogging, Destroying or Basing in the nether.
*. Respect staff and each other, and we'll respect you.

These rules may be modified or changed. Staff may hand out bans/kicks/mutes at their discretion.

NationsRP / Mod Suggestions
« on: December 18, 2014, 04:10:06 pm »
To be fully honest, I didn't really look in too much on these mods. I found some that were interesting and saved the links. Just think it'd be fun to try them out. I used the Ropes+ back in like, beta 1.4 or something and I loved it. Just suggestions.

Ropes+ - Allows people to make things like grappling hooks. Nothing major, but in the terms of warfare, could be REALLY interesting. In terms of stuff like mining, I mean, portable ladder!
Link (

Mc Helicopters - Its a Japanese mod. We'll have to look through it, but it has stuff like little birds, more jets, more helis.
Link (

JourneyMap - Basically an updated minimap mod. Looks really sick, just watch the showcase.
Link (

WR-CBE - Add's mod redstone gates and stuff. Wireless receivers. Could makes stuff more interesting.
Link (

Project Red - More redstone stuff. (I'm personally into usuing this redstone stuff. It really makes things more interesting.
Link (

Aether II - Add's a heaven type deal. Its not out for 1.7.10 but I feel it'd still be interesting. I know its kinda like 'magic' stuff, not science, but it adds an adventure I think we'd all enjoy. Keeps everything interesting.
Link (

The RC Mod - Adds little RC plans and octo-copters. I'm recommending this one because its just kinda goofy. You could use it for combat (like spying on bases) and I just think it'd be fun to mess with.
Link (

(I'd also like to say, I looked through ICBM and couldn't find any info on it being fully shutdown. We know Calclavia discontinued developing it, though I wonder if we'd be able to get the files and see what exactly needs fixing. I do realize that it would take work, and I don't plan on dumping it onto you, Gnif. I've personally never updated a mod, or really ever finished one. Though, if we look at the errors, patch what needs patching, and get permission to release it, it'd be a HUGE advertising bonus for our server. Especially if we make a post on the forums advertising its new release and use the licensing to restrict it from public mod packs.)

NationsRP / Our rules for NationsRP
« on: July 14, 2014, 07:37:35 pm »
1. No using Exploits or Hacks
2. No Advertising other servers
3. No being Racist, Sexist, Or bullying other players.
4. No Spawn Camping
5. No firing missiles at random players/houses/settlements. (Missiles temporarily removed.)
6. No using Missiles on any new players or settlements. (Missiles temporarily removed.)
7. No hidden towns. (Please make sure people can find your town. With out-in-the-open entrance-ways.)
8. Semi-RP (We won't enforce Hard RP such as no metagaming, but we'd like to request semi-rp. Such as a reason to declare war, not fighting the United Nation, and letting the United Nation know when you have bombs.) (Missiles temporarily removed.)
9. No Floating Trees.
10. Please be courteous with you chunk-loader sizes. (Only use what you need to limit server lag.)
11. You MUST have a reason to start a war.
12. Respect Staff and we'll respect you.
13. Let the United Nations know when you've made bombs. (This goes under the Semi-RP concept.) (Missiles temporarily removed.)
14. No griefing (Unless you're in a war with the person/town you're griefing)
15. Quarries MUST be over an ocean. Meaning the furthest side must be over the water. (Lakes do not count. This is to also prevent server lag)
16. No Basing in the Nether
17. No Hogging or Basing in the end.
18. You may not steal from an active mining / Oil well. (If there is a sign at an oil spout, but no wells or any equipment taking from it, you may use the oil spout. But if its obvious someone is using the oil spout, leave it be.)
19. No griefing with mining turtles. (This speaks for itself.)
20. No cussing in the chat.
21. No wars/raids if half of the target town is offline.
22. No weapon defenses near spawn. (Like auto turrets and stuff)

NationsRP / How to join the NationsRP server
« on: July 14, 2014, 07:25:09 pm »
___MultiMC Launcher___
1. Download and install -
2. Now, Download the NationsRP Installer
3. Run the installer, and click 'Install'
4. Select your MultiMC installation directory
5. Wait for the download to complete.
6. Launch MultiMC
7. Login (top right) and select the pack, then hit play.
8. Go to Multiplayer and connect to our server.
9. Invite your friends! <3

If you find that your version of NationsRP is incompatible with the version on the server, run the installer again and click the 'Update Install' button.

DayZ / Nice screenshot
« on: March 22, 2014, 02:23:28 am »
So there we were. Back-packing our way through Churnarus..

Mabinogi Alexina Server / Mabinogi Alexina Server Rules
« on: March 17, 2014, 01:10:02 pm »
Warnings and Bans are given at the discretion of the Admins.

1. No harassment of any kind. This includes, but not limited to : racism, sexism, sexual harassment, ect.

2.  Mature content such as; extreme violence, nudity, partial nudity, jailbait, etc is not allowed. This ain’t pornhub.

3. Drama is removable at admin discretion.

4. Be respectful of one another. This also means respect staff. Respect goes a long way. We ask for shitty behaviour to be left at the door.

5. Bump once every 2 hours.

6. No advertising on someone else's post without permission from the OP. This means no stealing customers or sellers.

7. No blocking Admins. We cannot issue warnings to those that have blocked us. Any blocking of an admin is instant kick from group.

8. Keep the spam to a minimum. Instead of remaking posts to resell the same items, bump your old post (and follow rule 5).

9. Any trades involving real life payment method (PayPal, Nx, Steam, Amazon gift card, ext) must have an IGN within the post. This IGN must be your MAIN account, any use of Alt account IGNs may result in a warning as this is considered sketchy behaviour.
This is not negotiable.

10. No reporting other members to Nexon for TOS violations/ Facebook for false names. This is instant kick/ban from group if caught doing so.

11. No sharing of mods. There is a link in  the description to MabiMods if you wish to locate mods.

12. No account sales. This means no posting to price check or ask about selling one’s account. You may sell the items, but not the account within the group.

13.  (Optional, although Highly recommended) During any paypal transactions, one of the parties may request an active Admin/Mod as a third party. The items for sale will be handed to third party admin and the admin will wait for the confirmation of the money. Once its confirmed the admin will trade the items/gold to said buyer/seller. Its highly recommended that all parties of these transactions record their side of the trades. (Mabinogi has a built in video recorder.)  Though you may take screenshots,  it'd be easier for us if there was a video because screenshots won't capture EVERYTHING. (You can select the admin, or even have the admins recommend a trusted player to you.)

14. Ask prior to using our documents in your group/site.

15.  Report all problems to admins. If riots burst out, we will be removing the person who caused the riot. There's no reason to act like you're five. Send your concerns to an admin and they will either discuss it with you or post about it in our admin chat so we may discuss it together.

16.. If you'd like to report someone for the suspicious list or the group, you must send the report to an admin. We'll no longer accept people posting in the group about this topic. (Mainly because if the evidence is shit, it'll be considered slander.)

17. Do not harass people over the prices of their items. Mabinogi is a free market, thus allows the user to buy/sell for whatever price they want. Will they get it at insane low/insane high prices? Probably not, so don’t waste your breath. If after your first attempt to tell them the price they don’t listen, just stop commenting.

18. No advertising groups, pages, discords, game servers, or anything with intention of building an audience or community from our page. (Without permission from Justin -- and the answer is NO. )

*If you are banned from the group, there will always be a legit reason. There's no reason you can't contact an admin about the ban and talk about it.
*If someone post a code for a new game, or nx, be nice, say thanks. They're posting it to be generous. You aren't required to take the gift. If you don't want it, keep scrolling.
*If you're thinking about asking to be an admin, stop. We do not 'recruit' nor will we be bought. Take it as this: Don't call us, we'll call you.
*This page is for general stuff. You might find non-mabinogi related subjects.
*If you insult/fight with an admin and they didn't remove you. Be happy they didn't feel like being a dick.
*If you don't like it here, we don't like you here.


The Thin Ice Policy

This policy basically states that if we remove or remake a ban with less time, the person who was banned will be on thin ice. Any rules broke in this period will be treated as a final offense and will result in an instant removal. There will be no chance to have another 'Thin Ice Policy' stated on another offense if you've been banned while on this policy.

To request the Thin Ice Policy to take effect you must:

1. Request the Policy on your ban.
2. Have at least 5 people vouch for you in a professional manner. Messages that an admin will receive such as "Yo unban him he did nothing wrong and you like men" will be ignored and have your chance of receiving this lowered.
3. When you request this policy, do not request it in any manner that relates to this: "Aye cuddi, lemme get dat phatt aizz Thin Ice Policy" Or anything else trolly like this.
4. Again, if you are on the policy and you receive a kick/ban, you will no longer be allowed a chance at it. All bans from that point forward will have their full time served.
5. Do NOT take this for Granted.


Scammer/ Suspicious player list
Once added to the scammers list, its their job to revoke. They were added for a reason, and if they did have intentions to scam, then were pressured to pay back, that doesn't mean they lost the will too.

To remove your name from the list, you must make a petition. This petition will be reviewed by an Admin. We'll confirm all that have signed the petition did in-fact willingly sign it.

*Each Petition must have at the minimum of 100 players signatures. (If you return the item, 15 players signatures.)
*They must all be on the Alexina server.
*They may NOT have a total level lower than 500.
*They are required to post a picture of their total level and character name with their signature.
*The players who sign must not be on THIS list.
*You have 48 hours after posting the player to provide proof. (In a screenshot.)If you fail to do so, you will be added yourself.
*Getting old time, trust-worthy players to sign the petition will help your case.
*If you don't know why you were added, try finding out who added you and asking them.
*The excuse "I quit, came back, and I'm on the list." Doesn't help anything. You were added for a reason, figure out why.

Mabinogi Alexina Server / Alexina Server Scammer List!
« on: March 17, 2014, 12:13:33 pm »
This list is strictly for the Alexina Server  facebook page. ( We do NOT Support any other list besides this one. The list may be copied and used elsewhere, however we will not vouch for the legitimacy of the duplicated list.

Evidence is taken and reviewed strongly. This is to ensure that no player is added and does not belong. Submitting evidence that is not valid enough will result in a rejection of the report. You may agree or disagree on how we look over the evidence, however, if someone tried adding you with the same invalid evidence, you'd be upset if we accepted.

Most players added on this list were added before the rule that you needed to provide proof. However, a majority of them are known to steal. Do not come at us in a rage.

Also, "I quit and when I came back, I was on the list" is not a valid excuse. Until you can provide proof that you were framed, you will remain on this list.

~Suspcious Persons List~

1. Pinkblurr
2. Lyzurge / Zekesakura / Shamanking
3. Shizx / Sokari / Centru
4. Leonekennedy
5. Wolfofchaos
6. Rinuker (NX Scammer)
7. Caticumai
8. Karma030
9. Ninjaaura
10. Rainden
11. Itsukikun / Gin95 / xjews / shadowcycle
12. Heleny
13. Nekyu / Amaye / Raiji / Raidoku3
14. Phenixflare
15. Molten
16. Fallenkiller
17. Luckycharm
18. Torak333
19. Sooshi
20. Galleria
21. Stessan / Templeknight / themann / Theplug (
22. Holyz
23. Homoalert
24. Dustin0 -  (,FUpwivh,VCLM3BZ)
25. gorogongoron / Blackerz
26. Lollipopbabe
27. snakestrike9 / Snakestrike1 / snakestrike2 / snakestrike3 /snakestrike4/ snakestrike5 / snakestrike6 / snakestrike7 /       snakestrike8
28. Krisstian / kris510 / Dafuqlookina ( )
29. Zeake
30. Trentis
31. Tampontea
32. Somebooty
33. Panteram
34. ECande
35. Swiftling
36. Destrxxed
37. Kainia
38. Ekia
39. Melody
40. Cloudstride
41. Kryzen
42. Killersdeath
43. Askylia / Repulsed / Dragokakashi / Exclisor
44. Kryptickill / Kyptickill
45. Knucles
46. Kenturashi
47. Amylin / Brydieliz (
48. xboobearx3
49. Naughty0
50. xxdevilxx / Snophist / CareBearpaw ( / (
51. Vince632
52. Exstolic
53. Valaxie
54. Relayna
55. rubykk / Pookiepup
56. Pedoteddy
57. Shineheart (Tried to scroll-trade-scam rosemary gloves.)
58. Yummyheart (Account hi-jacking and Scamming on Tarlach.)
59. Pikachuu1311
60. Purificated
61. Tewty
62. Previously (Scammer)
63. Kalna (Account hi-jacking)
64. yourhot/yourcute (Homestead Drop Scammer) /
65. Falan (scammed a hebona)
66. Cocoapuffiez (Pretty sure someone removed this name to cover them up.)
67. Safiyer (Hosted contest with promise of NX reward to winner, never paid out.)
68. Laurapuppy (Accepted NX trade, never paid the person back, then added multiple Excuses.)
69. Shye (Evidence was verified by the Tarlach Scammer Group. -xxrequiemxx)
70. Darkfire16 (Admitted to scamming a Mysterious robe.)
71. Dondre2 (scammed 25K NX from rudokurou/BUREImijin)
72. Narathan (scammed 10kNx, Pedophile.) ((Quite a few members of our group will vouch on this matter)) (
73. Spotsfy/ Villuminati/Vaugh (Account Hi-jacking)
74. Lucychan1 / Pineapple1 (Gold digging, then running with the cash.)
75. Vellox/Alltus ( )
76. Exceedz ( )
77. Emilyb ( )
78. Daimonict (Nx trade scam)
79. morphus ( <Multiple cases of them Buying/Selling nx then changing the deal to money first. (Mostly added for Suspicion)
80. Kare (
81. Blackyoshi - (,,,
82. Dukarez ( )
83. Shahriar / Shawdonz (,
84. Madeasimmons (
85. Shymus (,WgxBxxi)
86. Aendeis (
87. Sharkchan ( , Wesly Flores, scammed couple hundred in paypal.
88. soulblader99 (
89. Khyre (
90. Jakeyr1 (,PDJNDDg,2I6r7kG,sgnCuv6#0)
91. Kenuki (,ZtEvy2z,UDaN62z) (Minor crime, but stealing is stealing.)
93. Chomumftw (
94. Caelisy (,YsA9u7d)
95. Tivo12 / GODTHOR / SpiritAngelx (added on request. Will remove after tivo returns to mabi.) (,MI7HEX7)
96. Kawaiinekko (
97. boff3 (
98. Eziozander (
99. bigfeetz (
100. Reaperstrike (
101. Namikaze (Account hacked, added for safety Measures.)
102. Azuraray / Lunasaa (,,xOxbcQd#0)
103. XScarletxx (
104. Equipping (
105. Flamingboy (
106. Abrahamx1234 -(
107. monsun - (
108. Usagichan121 - (
109. Asaba - (
110. Doubledashin - ( ,
111.  Nuth - ( ,
112. Buuddaha -(,
113. Kinzokukami / Kevinikun / Naitouingusu / NightcoreKun - (
114. Zevetro - (
115. Gohbn - (
116. Charlesincha - (
117. Micah - ( )
118. Knight615 -  ( )
119. Demigodsage/Silentloner - (
120. Chase2003 (Admitted)
121. Doctord/kingofdeath -( )
122. Kavenau - ( Kavenau ,
123. sammycx - ( )
124. Druidseth - (
125. Yuko321 - ( <===3
126. HRHMilady - (

This part is for people who've added names to the list without providing proof. This does not confirm that they had intent to ruin the name, they may have tried to help but failed to provide the proof.

1. FenrisYuri

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