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A.C.E. / A.C.R.E.?


I really feel we need our own ACE server. I'm tired of playing on servers where some kid will jump in a cobra and flatten the entire city. It'd be nice to have some control over the trolls.

Warrior found this;

There're also alot of examples online for setting up an A.C.E server but,
That link provided in the OP has everything one would need to get an A.C.E server up & running.

Thanks for the info guys, but I have already been working on this. It is a little harder in our case because we are running a Linux server, these guides do not take into account a different file-system or the fact that the dedicated server takes different command arguments. I should be able to spend some more time on this today, I was pretty close the last time I left it.

That's great news!


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