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Author Topic: Mod Suggestions  (Read 3110 times)


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Mod Suggestions
« on: December 18, 2014, 04:10:06 pm »
To be fully honest, I didn't really look in too much on these mods. I found some that were interesting and saved the links. Just think it'd be fun to try them out. I used the Ropes+ back in like, beta 1.4 or something and I loved it. Just suggestions.

Ropes+ - Allows people to make things like grappling hooks. Nothing major, but in the terms of warfare, could be REALLY interesting. In terms of stuff like mining, I mean, portable ladder!
Link (

Mc Helicopters - Its a Japanese mod. We'll have to look through it, but it has stuff like little birds, more jets, more helis.
Link (

JourneyMap - Basically an updated minimap mod. Looks really sick, just watch the showcase.
Link (

WR-CBE - Add's mod redstone gates and stuff. Wireless receivers. Could makes stuff more interesting.
Link (

Project Red - More redstone stuff. (I'm personally into usuing this redstone stuff. It really makes things more interesting.
Link (

Aether II - Add's a heaven type deal. Its not out for 1.7.10 but I feel it'd still be interesting. I know its kinda like 'magic' stuff, not science, but it adds an adventure I think we'd all enjoy. Keeps everything interesting.
Link (

The RC Mod - Adds little RC plans and octo-copters. I'm recommending this one because its just kinda goofy. You could use it for combat (like spying on bases) and I just think it'd be fun to mess with.
Link (

(I'd also like to say, I looked through ICBM and couldn't find any info on it being fully shutdown. We know Calclavia discontinued developing it, though I wonder if we'd be able to get the files and see what exactly needs fixing. I do realize that it would take work, and I don't plan on dumping it onto you, Gnif. I've personally never updated a mod, or really ever finished one. Though, if we look at the errors, patch what needs patching, and get permission to release it, it'd be a HUGE advertising bonus for our server. Especially if we make a post on the forums advertising its new release and use the licensing to restrict it from public mod packs.)
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