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Author Topic: Graveyard Format  (Read 5788 times)


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Graveyard Format
« on: May 26, 2016, 11:03:52 pm »
This format is to ensure the information on the incident is passed on properly. These post are to be made with clear indication of what they're representing. If you are NOT part of the report, do not comment on it. Make sure that the post of the incident was not already created for the person you're attempting to post about. Multiple post for the same person does not necessarily mean they'll be CK'ed. Speak to a GM to learn more.

[Title:] __Player__ Wounded ||Or|| __Player__ CK (Request)
(The title does NOT need to be in white. I've put it like that to make it what needs to be in the post clear)

[Time & Date:]

[Players Involved:]

[Has a GM accepted a wounded report for them within 5 days?:]

[Is the reported person aware of this post?:]

[Required screenshots or video of the incident:]