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Author Topic: How big is the RP in our servers' title?  (Read 4169 times)


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How big is the RP in our servers' title?
« on: June 23, 2016, 05:59:29 am »
  So I was curious how big the RP in the title is, so to speak. If the server was originally intended as more of a light RP then by all means ignore the following and let me know so I can shush up on the matter, but if the server is meant to be a bit more heavily RP'd then I have some comments on it... 

  In the past two weeks the server population has taken off at an incredible rate and with this comes good and bad. Obviously the good lies  mostly in the fact that with more people trading and RP interactions become much easier and much more entertaining. On the other hand an increased population also brings with it some bad, though this doesn't always come in the form of malicious players. Certainly as the population goes up there will occasionally be the odd person to pop in hoping to just stab a few people at random to entertain themselves and of course anything like that is dealt with as it comes up but something that concerns me more for the overall 'health' of the server are the multiple 'violations' made without ill-intent. Things such as name violations, the inability to keep your character in character(I.E. constantly swapping from one persona to another based on their boredom/what they consider to be more fun at the time) and just other small basic RP bits that people seem to think its' okay to completely ignore.  People seem to forget some of the most basic principals of RP or just choose not to follow them because they aren't specifically stated in the rules....

TL:DR I'm butthurt because people arent even trying


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Re: How big is the RP in our servers' title?
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2016, 07:26:04 am »
Well we are looking to fix up the rules and properly state some things. We're looking into readvising the rules so it more fits everyone.. The issue is currently we have Heavy RP'ers and light RP's. With these changes we hope to get more towards middle, but definitely closer to heavy.. All I ask is that everyone sticks around and works with us while we adjust to fit everyone's needs within reason. The best way to help at this current moment is to go into our Suggestion forum ( and make a post with your ideas. Everyone's ideas are valued here and will not go without thought.