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Author Topic: I'm alive  (Read 34652 times)


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I'm alive
« on: October 28, 2017, 05:15:46 pm »
For those that might think I am AWOL again... I am not...

Work has made it that I need to be running a Linux environment again 24x7, and as you all know, Linux is sucky for games. So over the past several weeks I have been working on a solution. I am almost ready to re-join the games with everyone!

What I did was...

1) Move my video card into the 2nd PCIx16 slot on my motherboard.
2) Installed an older video card into the 1st slot and plugged all my screens into it
3) Setup a Windows virtual machine using KVM on Linux
4) Gave the VM my now secondary card to use directly (so it now has access to the physical GPU)
5) Wrote a windows driver for Red Hat so it could be signed by them for use in windows virtual machines.
6) Wrote a client/server program that allows me to stream the VM back to the host (using the above driver) as now it want's to output video to the physical monitor outputs, which has nothing on them.
6) Discovered a bug in the KVM system on linux, debugged, fixed and published it.
7) Ended up in the news....

So now I am at working on the final of this, making the client application reliable. As soon as Red Hat build and release the driver I wrote for them I will be able to join you all. Most games do not like Windows in the 'Test Signing' mode which is used for running unsigned (aka, custom) drivers as it can be used for cheating.