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Author Topic: Mabinogi Alexina Server Rules  (Read 20018 times)


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Mabinogi Alexina Server Rules
« on: March 17, 2014, 01:10:02 pm »
Warnings and Bans are given at the discretion of the Admins.

1. No harassment of any kind. This includes, but not limited to : racism, sexism, sexual harassment, ect.

2.  Mature content such as; extreme violence, nudity, partial nudity, jailbait, etc is not allowed. This ain’t pornhub.

3. Drama is removable at admin discretion.

4. Be respectful of one another. This also means respect staff. Respect goes a long way. We ask for shitty behaviour to be left at the door.

5. Bump once every 2 hours.

6. No advertising on someone else's post without permission from the OP. This means no stealing customers or sellers.

7. No blocking Admins. We cannot issue warnings to those that have blocked us. Any blocking of an admin is instant kick from group.

8. Keep the spam to a minimum. Instead of remaking posts to resell the same items, bump your old post (and follow rule 5).

9. Any trades involving real life payment method (PayPal, Nx, Steam, Amazon gift card, ext) must have an IGN within the post. This IGN must be your MAIN account, any use of Alt account IGNs may result in a warning as this is considered sketchy behaviour.
This is not negotiable.

10. No reporting other members to Nexon for TOS violations/ Facebook for false names. This is instant kick/ban from group if caught doing so.

11. No sharing of mods. There is a link in  the description to MabiMods if you wish to locate mods.

12. No account sales. This means no posting to price check or ask about selling one’s account. You may sell the items, but not the account within the group.

13.  (Optional, although Highly recommended) During any paypal transactions, one of the parties may request an active Admin/Mod as a third party. The items for sale will be handed to third party admin and the admin will wait for the confirmation of the money. Once its confirmed the admin will trade the items/gold to said buyer/seller. Its highly recommended that all parties of these transactions record their side of the trades. (Mabinogi has a built in video recorder.)  Though you may take screenshots,  it'd be easier for us if there was a video because screenshots won't capture EVERYTHING. (You can select the admin, or even have the admins recommend a trusted player to you.)

14. Ask prior to using our documents in your group/site.

15.  Report all problems to admins. If riots burst out, we will be removing the person who caused the riot. There's no reason to act like you're five. Send your concerns to an admin and they will either discuss it with you or post about it in our admin chat so we may discuss it together.

16.. If you'd like to report someone for the suspicious list or the group, you must send the report to an admin. We'll no longer accept people posting in the group about this topic. (Mainly because if the evidence is shit, it'll be considered slander.)

17. Do not harass people over the prices of their items. Mabinogi is a free market, thus allows the user to buy/sell for whatever price they want. Will they get it at insane low/insane high prices? Probably not, so don’t waste your breath. If after your first attempt to tell them the price they don’t listen, just stop commenting.

18. No advertising groups, pages, discords, game servers, or anything with intention of building an audience or community from our page. (Without permission from Justin -- and the answer is NO. )

*If you are banned from the group, there will always be a legit reason. There's no reason you can't contact an admin about the ban and talk about it.
*If someone post a code for a new game, or nx, be nice, say thanks. They're posting it to be generous. You aren't required to take the gift. If you don't want it, keep scrolling.
*If you're thinking about asking to be an admin, stop. We do not 'recruit' nor will we be bought. Take it as this: Don't call us, we'll call you.
*This page is for general stuff. You might find non-mabinogi related subjects.
*If you insult/fight with an admin and they didn't remove you. Be happy they didn't feel like being a dick.
*If you don't like it here, we don't like you here.


The Thin Ice Policy

This policy basically states that if we remove or remake a ban with less time, the person who was banned will be on thin ice. Any rules broke in this period will be treated as a final offense and will result in an instant removal. There will be no chance to have another 'Thin Ice Policy' stated on another offense if you've been banned while on this policy.

To request the Thin Ice Policy to take effect you must:

1. Request the Policy on your ban.
2. Have at least 5 people vouch for you in a professional manner. Messages that an admin will receive such as "Yo unban him he did nothing wrong and you like men" will be ignored and have your chance of receiving this lowered.
3. When you request this policy, do not request it in any manner that relates to this: "Aye cuddi, lemme get dat phatt aizz Thin Ice Policy" Or anything else trolly like this.
4. Again, if you are on the policy and you receive a kick/ban, you will no longer be allowed a chance at it. All bans from that point forward will have their full time served.
5. Do NOT take this for Granted.


Scammer/ Suspicious player list
Once added to the scammers list, its their job to revoke. They were added for a reason, and if they did have intentions to scam, then were pressured to pay back, that doesn't mean they lost the will too.

To remove your name from the list, you must make a petition. This petition will be reviewed by an Admin. We'll confirm all that have signed the petition did in-fact willingly sign it.

*Each Petition must have at the minimum of 100 players signatures. (If you return the item, 15 players signatures.)
*They must all be on the Alexina server.
*They may NOT have a total level lower than 500.
*They are required to post a picture of their total level and character name with their signature.
*The players who sign must not be on THIS list.
*You have 48 hours after posting the player to provide proof. (In a screenshot.)If you fail to do so, you will be added yourself.
*Getting old time, trust-worthy players to sign the petition will help your case.
*If you don't know why you were added, try finding out who added you and asking them.
*The excuse "I quit, came back, and I'm on the list." Doesn't help anything. You were added for a reason, figure out why.

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