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Author Topic: Rules Of Arondale!  (Read 8516 times)


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Rules Of Arondale!
« on: February 10, 2015, 05:05:36 am »
These rules MUST be followed. Failing to follow these rules will result in a ban. These rules are to help ensure a fun and fair gaming experience. If there are any rules that you feel are unfair, please contact me (Juggy) on the forums via PM.

(/Rules in game.)Rules;

*. Do NOT use any sort of 'hack' to give yourself or your Guild (Faction) an unfair advantage. (Such as Xray.)
*. Do NOT advertise other servers, websites, facebook pages, youtube channels, live streams or anything of the sort.
*. Do NOT spam chat.
*. Do NOT be racist nor sexist to other players.
*. Do NOT bully other players.
*. No Hogging, Destroying or Basing in the end.
*. No Hogging, Destroying or Basing in the nether.
*. Respect staff and each other, and we'll respect you.

These rules may be modified or changed. Staff may hand out bans/kicks/mutes at their discretion.
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