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My Character's Stories
« on: August 07, 2016, 05:10:32 am »
Craig, Georgina and Bruse woke up and were a bit dazed on where they were. Then, they started to remember - their ship went down in the storm,. They thought they were goners, but they survived!

They started to look around for food as they were very hungry. In fact, they probably hadn't eaten since they had gotten on the ship. That was 2 days ago. They don't have any recall as to how long they have been out. They searched the land, but all the apple trees were empty. "Weird," they thought to themselves, "A deserted island should have food." Craig started to dig up the soil on the ground and luckily found a few roots. They were edible, but they tasted terrible - what do you expect from roots?

they was not full of roots but they had enough to move on. they started on working in the woods then they heard it. they was not alone as the forest was climbing with all sorts of animals that's good for a later time so you can eat like a king. but they was not worried about food at the moment. they needed to find a nice place to settle down. they began to work there way deeper in the forest but suddenly they heard a very familiar sound. "Rawr!!!!!!!!!!" that could be only one thing. A BEAR!!!!! They started to run from the bear  but it didn't seem like it mattered on how fast they ran. the bear was catching up really fast. Bruse then yelled slip up it's the only chance!!

Ones they slip up they bear started to chance Georgina. she wasn't very fast and Craig noticed this but what could a simple priest do? Bruse then realized he was not being chased anymore he turned around and started to run to the bear. he then quickly picked up a sharp looking stone. he was getting closer to the bear and he started to yell at the bear. "OVER HERE YOU FATE SACK OF MEAT!" we repeated this over and over until the bear lost interest in Georgina. now they bear has full intention of Bruse,  bruse started to run as the bear started to chase him now.

 Now that he is running away from the bear, he is now wondering what is he going to do with a stone? while he was thinking about it he wasn't paying attention to his footing and he tripped over another stone. he now stats to think this is the end for sure. he flips over to his back and watches as the bear jumps down at him. bruse then extends his arms to block the bears attack but the bear is way to big for him. bruse then gets smacked by the bear and he drops he's stone he found weird thing is the bear is only smacking him. the bear does not seem to want to use his teeth. it's a good thing but the bear still can tear him to peaces. the bear scratches him over the chest and bruse starts to bleed. bruse reaches for the stone but it is out of his reach and the bear is holding him down and he can't move. bruse continues to get Beat by the bear over and over. bruse tries to call out for help but he is way to far from his group for anyone to hear. bruse then realizes  the bear has smacked him so much it has actually scooted him closer to the stone. but just a bit out of his reach. the bear smacks him again and pushes him closer to the stone. bruse grips the stone tightly and jabs the stone in the bears eye. the bear then reacts to the pain and then the bear backs off and runs.

As the bear runs off his group finally catches up. bruse can hardly move because the beating the bear gave him. good thing is he has mostly scratches and Bruse's. a few cuts but not deep enough for him to bleed out and die. but that doesn't mean it can't get effected then he will die. Craig comes over and is very shocked he came out of a bear attack with very few wounds he looks bad. but he has seen worse. as a priest Craig has many skills such as healing and with any good healer comes with good herbing skills. sadly Craig does not know anything about the herbs on this island. so Craig instead grabs some dirt to stop the bleeding.

They then look around and notice a lake. Bruse might be beat up but he still can walk and doesn't need any help. *oof" as Bruse stumbles a little. ok maybe a little help they go up the lake and start to drink. then they catch a glance of a light? yep it was a light and it was coming from that fort. they slowly work there way to the fort. they then get there and they get cough looking around "who goes there!" Craig then tells the man his name' My name is craig and this is my Wife Georgina and my brother Bruse" the man then says "I don't care who you are your not allowed here. go away" Craig then replies "as you with my lord" then he starts to move on. they finally find a good spot to settle down at.

They are not alone for sure. they still don't know what this place is. Bruse then rest up for a few weeks. then one day the notice ppl walking about one comes up to Bruse and says " looks like you been recovering. but looks like your good now" Bruse then tells him the story. Bruse then tells him his name. the man replies back to him and tells him his name" My name is Jorick Lancaster. if your wondering what this island is called. it's named Isle of Albion" then Jorick then parts ways. another man comes over this time it Viking The Viking then Greats bruse, Bruse then starts to talk with him as well. The Viking then says "My Name is Nicklaus If your looking for a place the settle down at and be safe please come with me. i will provide you food and clothing Bruse then tells him " thank you. and my name is Bruse and this is my brother Craig and his wife Georgina" they then follow him to his place. they then get there and Nicklaus tells them they can do anything they like in reason. and they are only reqired to do one job. a whole 2 years have went by and everything has been going great. Craig, Bruse and Georgina are all doing good jobs. Craig might be a priest but he has finally figured out what that islands herbs does. craig is a good fighter and he builds tuns of stuff. Georgina is more of a cleaner so she mostly picks up after the men. but thats a woman's job and she is fine with it. Bruse also find a beautiful Lady and Craig married them. her name is Illybary.  they got visitors who are looking to rent some land. Thirsk and a few other ppl. he might of not been the leader of there group. but he sure showed his leadership more then the leader of the group her self.... not because she is a girl she isn't a good leader. she just sucks at it as a person.

a few days later after paying for land. they decided to make there own claim off the land of Boarhelm. they called it Golden Dragon Tavern. it was meant to be a tavern but they turned it into more of a bandit camp in the future. Bruse one day decided he would help them out as he is a good builder. Chuck didn't like this. Oh did i forget to tell you? i did huh. Chuck is Nicklaus's Son. he took the throne about 6 months ago. He told bruse im punishing him  and  you can either take 2 silver and be banished for 2 months or you can leave with nothing and never come back. Bruse was already fed up with him for giving him an impossible job while he was out. Bruse said what ever im leaving, you inconsiderate Basted. bruse then went to get his family. Bruse picks up his 2 year old daughter and tells his wife they are leaving. Craig was standing there and knew what was going on. he also went with them. they all went out and they remembered that Lancaster would take take them in if anything happened. but nothing bad ever happened when Nicklaus was ruling. they all went to Lancaster as they was welcomed to go there any time. The duke of Lancaster was good friends with Bruse so he came right in and the Duke took in him with open arms. the Doke really cars for Brus's family and would o anything for him. they had a good life at Lancaster. then they heard some destobing news. Nicklaus was killed in his sleep. so was his son. but who cares for Chuck. every one hated Chuck. "here lies Chuck Bal... no one cars. get on with Nicklaus *sheds tears*"  "Nicklaus  was a good man. always had kindness in his heart no matter what happened. he might of been old but he still had years to go. Nicklaus will be in our memories for like." The Golden Dragon Tavern assassinated them.

Lancaster then talked to the Golden Dragon Tarvern and asked if they would give Boarhelm to Bruse. they said anything for bruse. Bruse and his family went to Boarhelm. they then put it upon them self to rename the town so it can start over and be known not because of chucks wrong doings but as a new town of hearfulled people living there. they then Named it Bowerstone in the honer of the town that Boarhelm destroyed. of course with permission from the old owner of Bowerstone . it was so the town was new and had many apatunites. 4 years later bruse has put up stone walls. of course with the help of his men. something Chuck never wanted. but with a name called Bowerstone it was fitting for stone walls to be up. besides those wood walls allowed people to ride and jump over. the stone walls are tall and strong. a few more years has past and he started to lose men. and it was just his family again. and 1 dedicated member named Calon. Bruse has been long gone sense then. he has been living at Tre A'New old Tre. with his good friend Thirsk. Thist was the leader. Georginda on the other hand was taking care of Bowerstone. she was planing on making it into a event town. but with low funds she could not do it. 3 more years has past and thisk stepped down ans leader and gave leadership to Bruse. now again Bruse is a leader. bruse now starts to think back when they first got on the island. 10 years ago i could barley take a bear on. i got lucky. now look at me. im an owner of a big kindom. back then i had a small place of my own. but i started to get ranks and then i became a leader of my own town. but now i am at the same place as i was 3 years ago. no one to take care of anymore. just my family. what will be next? become the most popular  zone, or perish out of assistance? only time can tell
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