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The Graveyard / Re: Death of Jezz, Liljohn, and Marian
« on: June 27, 2016, 05:57:04 am »
That would certainly be my wish. I just don't like people breaking the rules when i'm trying to adhere to them. He broke the Rules... I do not see why our characters should be penalized at all. If the rules on the server mean anything Archer should be punished for breaking them. I'm not sure if you are misunderstanding what we are trying to communicate in how he has broken your Rule Set but if you would like to discuss this on Teamspeak or Skype then feel free to add me or my brother since he is the one who discovered the discrepancies.

The Graveyard / Re: Death and Rule Disputes.
« on: June 27, 2016, 05:25:38 am »
I apologize if it has taken me a moment to reply.  Practically everything that you are saying is so disconnected from reality that I am not entirely sure how to respond.

I am glad to hear that you have chosen a career path of public service.  Thank you for your service to the nation.  I, myself, often volunteer at the local animal shelter.  Now that we are both done showing off what good people we are, lets move on.

Frankly Archer, I'm done with you. I have had enough of you over the past week for a lifetime, Continue "nit picking" at everything and see how far that gets you. You have never spent time "communicating" with me until now, only once matters come to a head are you willing to talk.  I am not wasting my time on a line by line response to you. You are a liar, you have lied, you continue to lie. I am done talking to you.  You may now proceed to think that you win by getting the last word.  To quote many a parent, "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed".  Have a good life.

The Graveyard / Re: Death of Jezz, Liljohn, and Marian
« on: June 27, 2016, 05:05:57 am »
Apologies for the misunderstanding of our screenshots, the circled tombstone was merely to show the name differences, not the countdown timer.

The circles on the text boxes were to show the time discrepencies between the rp sentence and the face we had died before he said it (temujin's tombstone pics don't have the comment, archer's does 2 minutes after)

The Graveyard / Re: Death and Rule Disputes.
« on: June 27, 2016, 04:25:20 am »
I don't have anything against you really..

You have been fed a bunch of lies from Archer , but you don't know any better about who's telling the truth or not. Although you watched him clearly lie about the screenshots as shown above, so you figure it out.

You did what you thought was right at the time that's fine. However on the stealing aspect. you cant steal what belongs to you and that you have made, otherwise id be sitting in that settlement now too wouldn't I? I would say i'm one of the hardest workers on the server and don't even have a home to show for it so you tell me again how i'm the dirty criminal.

IF it was the feudal ages I would have removed his head and taken over, now that would have been treason and murder. However I did not do these things i left to start elsewhere in a peaceful manner, so again tell me how i'm a dirty criminal.

If he wants to complain about being handed a free Settlement that he hardly contributed towards then fine that's his problem. Practically theft in itself.. Although in Global this morning he did admit to thieving from several places the first day we were on.. I don't have any ss's of this, but there were several witness's in Global at the time to cement this statement to fact. Augustus and Baldur to name two. So it wouldn't be the first time now would it.

The Graveyard / Death and Rule Disputes.
« on: June 27, 2016, 03:32:37 am »
Last week we arrived with Archer at the helm of our little Warband, and I personally have spent around 70 hours this week building a castle for us.  In the meantime, Archer has managed to belittle and unsettle the majority of people actually doing work.  Rather than contribute to the work being done, he has stolen from other clans and unmade our structural plans that were agreed upon by demolishing walls and paths.  He has made trade agreements without our knowledge, promising our work and time without his own contributions.  We were supposed to be a democracy, not a dictatorship. Last night my brother and I finally decided we had enough of dealing with this situation and decided to strike out on our own.  We took what we had made and owned and left the castle to create Wessex.

We started setting up with what we had last night, and then logged on today to continue. I was then set upon by an angry archer, shouting various comments like "die pussy" and "fuck you bitch". This does not constitute RP and I was KOS'd breaching the rules laid down by your good selves. This happened twice, the second time it was the mongols doing the same thing (even if they claim it wasnt in there own post). They then proceeded to kill my brother as well. I've mentioned it before, but its ironic that the mongols are helping him out - he had been trying to start a war with them even to the point of them breaking the rules.

I'm not angry at the way Archer has dealt with things, but it does make me sad. His behavior has been childlike and he does not seem to appreciate that he has gained a free castle that took over a weeks worth of work, very little of which was done by him.  This lack of gratitude from someone we thought was a new friend is really disappointing.

Two deaths for me on separate characters.

One screenshot of them assaulting my brother before his death.

Screenshot proof of no RP on two deaths:

After perusing Temujin & Archer's screenshots, I have (what I believe) is definitive proof that the death of Jezzail Aramei and Liljohn Black were illegal moves. Looking at the screenshots, you can clearly see that on Temujin's that there is no roleplay conversation at all whilst he stares at the tombstones of the fallen victims. on Archer's however, there is a 2 minute delay from the death to his comment in local "you have been sentenced to death for trason" (which i assume is treason). both tomb shots from temujin do not have this sentence in them. Now please bare in mind that there is obviously a time-zone difference between both temujin and archer, but the context, conversation and location is identical. It clearly shows that both deaths were illegal as stated by the rules (currently under revision i know, but still in effect until new ones are released)

I will also note that SnowGoon was assaulted upon logging on with an Axe weilded by and I quote from Goon "Screaming mad man with an Axe" Baring in mind Archer saying he liked SnowGoon alot. I personally wouldn't find myself assaulting someone with an axe if I trusted them.

" 4. NO KOS (Kill On Sight) - (RP must be done before killing another player. You MUST have RP reason to kill them. If you're robbing them and they comply with your orders, you have no right to attack.)" Jezzail & Liljohn (same player)

were initially caught unawares (unless you count the slander and cursing via ingame voicecomm) and slaughtered them.

Also to state, if this was an act of war, they have not followed proper protocols to enact said war.

"3. War time

    1. Must be declared on the forums with the proper format
    2. Both parties must agree on a time for the war to take place."

if this was merely a vengeance raid, I do not know where the gm's stand on this. but needless to say, their first slaughter on Jezzail & Liljohn was illegal.

Archer's recent actions show that he is not willing to abide by the rules of the server and we would like to see positive action by the GMs to show that this type of behavior will have consequences.

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